Notes disappeared after successful file system synchronization (Android)

Hi. I've been using Joplin on Android for a while and I like it. Recently, I wanted to make a manual backup of my notes, but I wasn't able to find any "export" option (is there any?). Therefore, I configured file system synchronization (in the fail-safe mode). Some files were exported, but the new day I was surprised seeing Joplin with just the build-in notes and with the settings restarted (e.g. the theme switch back to white unless I set it to black at the beginning).

When I try to re-synchronize with the files system, I see:

Completed: 29/09/2000 23:11
Last error: Error: Error: Could not read directory /storage/emulated/0/Download/Backup/joplin/locks: Attempt to get length of null array. Path: /storage/emulated/0/Download/Backup/joplin/locks

What's strange, when I try to sync with some other (non-existing or empty directory) I see the same error.

Another suspicious thing is the fact that in the configured directory there is subdirectory with name (one space). My notes and other files lies in it. In hindsight, I might accidentally define path as /storage/...../joplin/ (with a space at the end). However, the new directory is fine (and there is no space at the end for sure, nor the directory is created), but the error is the same. The locks directory is empty in all cases.

While I still have exported .md files, I can get access to my notes. Nevertheless, I would like to:

  • be able to bring it back to Joplin
  • find a better way to just export the notes manually
  • explain the situation, maybe there is something what can be done in code to prevent that behavior

My environment

Joplin version: 1.1.2
Platform: Android
OS specifics: Android 11

Should I report it as a bug using GitHub?

What is the recommended way of importing the notes back?

Funny thing. Today, I've accidentally noticed that in the side menu I see two "Welcome! (Mobile)" entries under the "Notebooks" node. The first one contains my old items, while the second one the new "stock ones". As a result I have access to my notes, however, I still think, I've encountered some corner case and I will report a bug report to handle it properly in code.

Update. Reported:

I have the same issue on my mac app and android.