Synchronization with synology drive on mac and ios

Hi every one,

I'm using joplin 2.9.17 running on mac os 13.0.1
I have also a brand new NAS synology DS418. I use Synology drive to synchronise my files on my both mac (Air and Pro) and i'd like to synchronize also my joplin notes on both Macs with the NAS and with my Iphone running on IOS 16.2.

I previously used Nextcloud and the synchronization was easy : the name of the app was on the app list. For differents reasons i had to quit nextcloud.

I'd like to know what kind of synchronization protocol i have to use, on my macs and on my phone.
Is there any one could help me ?

Sync with SynologyDrive is on iOS not possible. On the MAC you use the FileSystem sync target.
What works for all is WebDAV via the Synology.


thanks @JackGruber for the tip

I find a solution with WebDAV app on Synology. It's very simple to manage and to use.

I use this thread : Joplin in NAS Synology (webDAV)

Thanks again for this. Hope it could help others.

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