Problems with iOS and Nextcloud sync

Hi everyone,

i see syncing Joplin on iOS is an ever recurring issue here - so please don't shoot at me for posting another version of this nagging issue.

First: I am syncing my Joplin notes between several Kubuntu and Windows devices via a managed Nextcloud run by a German hosting provider and everything is fine so far.

On the Ubuntu PC where i am writing this the Joplin version is 2.7.15, the Nextcloud version of the managed Nextcloud is 24.0.6 and and both iOS devices have Joplin iOS app version 12.8.1 installed.

Problems start when i try to sync my notes with my Ipad Air (iOS 12.0.6) and my Iphone SE (iOS 15.6.1) with my Nextcloud server. After reading a bit on this issue i understand that local file sync on iOS devices is not as possible like on PC and so i tried to sync via WebDAV like described in the Joplin FAQ.

My server-adress is "https://$SERVERNAME$" (taken from the Nextcloud desktop client on PC),

the WebDAV-adress is "https://$SERVERNAME$$MYUSERNAME$/" (taken from the files dashboard on my server).

The Joplin notes on the server are stored in a subdirectory of that $Username$-Folder so the full name of the WebDAV sync-target would be "https://$SERVERNUMBER$$MYUSERNAME$/Joplin".

When i just type in the WebDAV adress (without the Joplin foldername) Joplin/iOS says sync works well and uploads the "Welcome files" every fresh install shows after installing.

When i insert the full WebDAV address "https://$SERVERNUMBER$$MYUSERNAME$/Joplin" i receive an error message that the target cannot be reached and i should check servername, user, password etc. I suppose the credentials are okay as the connection with the server is working when i insert the WebDAV-adress without the ".../Joplin" part and see the Welcome to Joplin files being uploaded.

I tried on both iOS devices, tried it with a slash after Joplin and without, i tried the "Nextcloud" entry in the sync section of the preferences as well as the "WebDAV" entry but nothing works.

I really hope you can help me find out what i do wrong and help me synchronize my notes on my iOS-devices as well.

Thanks for your kind help in advance.


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