Sync Synology Drive

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to sync my notes with Synology Drive client? The application is not listed in the supported applications. I read that some users have achieved this by using "File system" option but I don't know how to configure it to point to Synology Drive on Android. Do you know how to point Joplin to Synology Drive location on Android?

Thank you already for your help!

If you plan to use local file sync then it currently doesn't work with the latest android app due to breaking API changes (Android filesystem sync is broken after 2.6.3 update · Issue #5779 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub).

I believe you can set up webDAV on Synology: How do I access files on Synology NAS with WebDAV? - Synology Knowledge Center
WebDAV Server - Add-on Packages | Synology Inc.

After which you can just follow the normal setup guide for webDAV: Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities

Thank you for that clear answer.

The problem seems quite recent. Not wishing to set up WebDav on my Synology I think I will turn to another app to sync my notes.

Have a nice day and thanks again :slight_smile:

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