Joplin on iPhone, Synology, and WebDAV link

I am a happy Joplin user, have it installed on 3 Windows PCs with the synch location on a Synology NAS.

In attempting to set up Joplin on my iPhone (12.5.3) via a WebDAV URL, I have run into a roadblock I hope someone can help with.

The Joplin synch folder on the NAS is several directory levels down from the top. I was able to configure synchronization but only for the top level directory on the Synology. Any attempts to add directory information did not work. connects, but the Joplin files aren't in the top level directory.

Can anyone help me in constructing a WebDAV URL target on the iPhone that can point to the correct synch location?

Many thanks.

I have all my Joplin notes in on Share (Joplin) and than in a subfolder for each user on my Syno.
each user has onl read permission on Joplin (But no read permission on the subfolders) and full permission on its own folder.

The link on the devices (Android, Windows, iOS) looks like this:

Thanks, Jack. I had Joplin buried in a subdirectory and could never connect, moved the folder to a top level and all went per your email.

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