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Joplin in NAS Synology (webDAV)

Hello everybody,

I really want to conect Joplin to my synology NAS by webDAV.

I’m triying but not results. :weary:

Someone has it connected and can do a mini tutorial please.

Thank you very very (very)^99 much <3

I assume you installed the WebDAV server on the NAS?

What exactly did you try, what results did you get, and what didn’t work?

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TY for you time :smiley:

I paste the results:

And I have the WD activated:

I think there was a problem with custom ports. I’m not sure if this has been fixed already.

Apart from the current issue, it’s rather a bad idea to use an unencrypted channel. You have activated https on port 5006, so why don’t you use https instead?
Anyway, it’s still a non-standard port, so if the “custom port issue” hasn’t been resolved, switching to https won’t help either. It’s just safer as soon as you get it to work.

I also suggest to create a debug log to better handle the problem determination. Right now, we all do not know what the problem is.

Custom ports are almost certainly the problem, and sadly this is, in its current state, unfixable since the Synology WebDAV application will not allow you to configure it to use ports 80 / 443.

Frustrating :frowning: I realize this is an open source app, I’ll put in the feature request on the Synology side :slight_smile: They have the $$$ to fix this kind of problem :slight_smile:

@laurent is there a way we can support custom port? I remember it didn’t work at one point, when a web dav address like https://example.com:8213/dav/Joplin was specified. But IMO this should work.
If you point me to the right file, I can have a look at it.