Synchronization and notebooks

malfunctions in synchronization of my notebooks )
I notice malfunctions in the synchronization between my notebooks (those of my telephone and those on my computer); the phone app does not synchronize completely, concerning the notebooks: the account is not there.
details: under ubuntu 20.04, joplin version 1.3.18 ( Joplin 1.3.18 (prod, linux)
Client ID: 848ae07a88814edd905ace595d93f840
Sync version: 2
Profile version: 34
Supported ring: No

Revision: 6b75485a1 (master)
2. phone: samsung S7, android 7.1.2, subsystem /e/, joplin 1.3.13 ( net.cozic.joplin)
3. context of the problem:

I recently had to reinstall joplin several times on my phone
noticed that several notes were encrypted ( unreadable) on the phone. I then, successively, deactivated then re-activated the encryption, then tried to re-synchronize everything, without convincing result ( cad. big difference in the number of notes between the computer and the phone).
sync via dropbox

see in pj copies screen smartphone and computer ( notebooks and notes )
Note: on the phone, the number of notes per notebook is not displayed, unlike the computer.

je constate des dysfonctionnements de synchronisation entre mes carnets ( ceux de mon telephone et ceux sur mon ordinateur ); l' appli téléphone ne synchronise pas complètement, concernant les carnets: le compte n'y est pas.
1.ordinateur: sous ubuntu 20.04, joplin version 1.3.18 ( Joplin 1.3.18 (prod, linux)
ID client : 848ae07a88814edd905ace595d93f840
Version de Synchro : 2
Version du profil : 34
Trousseau supporté : Non

RĂ©vision : 6b75485a1 (master)
2. téléphone: samsung S7, androïd 7.1.2, sous système /e/, joplin 1.3.13 ( net.cozic.joplin)
3. contexte du problème:

  • jai dĂ» rĂ©cemment rĂ©installer plusieurs fois joplin sur mon tĂ©lĂ©phone
  • constatĂ© que plusieurs notes Ă©taient chiffrĂ©es ( illisibles) sur le tĂ©lĂ©phone. j'ai alors, successivement, dĂ©sactivĂ© puis rĂ©-activĂ© le chiffrement, puis tentĂ© de tout re-synchronisĂ©, sans rĂ©sultat probant ( cad. grosse diffĂ©rence du nombre de notes entre l' ordi et le tĂ©lĂ©phone).
    je synchronise par l'intermédiaire de dropbox

voir en pj copies Ă©cran smartphone et ordi ( carnets et notes )
nb: sur le téléphone n'est pas affiché le nombre de notes par carnet, à la différence de l' ordinateur.

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Hi @acha85 ,
First sync it's a fight with Internet speed and Joplin !

Take a look there :


thanks Dino
unfortunately, my problem is always: I can't synchronize on my phone ( I use dropbox ) . synchronization starts and stops a few later. I did not find another support for that

Yes, how they do users with databases of several gigabytes ? :warning:

You could split your database.
Follow this steps :
1- Backup all your data (File -> Export all to JEX)
2- Check your backup
3- Make several notebooks to put some notebook inside like sub-notebook
e.g : Create Folder 1 and put inside agriculture-environnement, alternatives and arts plastiques
4- Export notebook. E.g right click on Folder 1 -> Export all to JEX and again for each
5- Delete all your data in devices, and server and Joplin apps
6- In your fresh Joplin desktop setup your options (sync target...)
7- In Joplin desktop add Folder 1 and sync
8- Mobil app sync
9- Do steps 7 and 8 again and again with folders 2, 3...
10- In Joplin desktop app re-establish the previously notebook order and sync

This might be a problem if you use attachments.

@tessus you recommend to export original notebooks directly ?

(I'm using only 2 databases as an example.)

I'm just wondering what happens if let's say Folder1 and Folder2 use the same attachment. Then you use the database with Folder1. When changing an attachment this won't be propagated to Folder2.
Also, when there are no references to attachments in a database the attachments will be removed. So now when you use databsse1 all attachments from database2 will be removed.

I might be wrong, because it could also be possible that references do not even show up when you create databases from scratch. Either way, I'd rather be on the cautious side when doing something like this.

This might be possible by using different profile dirs for different databases. It will still not solve problem 1 (when the same attachment is used in 2 databases).

That's not possible with GUI use (at least in Joplin version 1.4.11).
Because when you add an attachment, this attachment appear in resource folder. And if you add this same attachment from resources folder to another note, Joplin make a copy from it.

But your feeling was good because if we use a Markdown link to go to the other note, the link is broken.