Android sync and encryption issues


Thank you for an amazing app that has been a joy to use (almost everywhere). The WIndows app is 1.6.8 (prod win32) and the Android app is version 1.7.5.

I am using Joplin across four Windows devices with no issues, syncing via Dropbox.
However, the encryption key from the Android app has failed to be synced to anywhere, leaving notes created on the Android app unreadable anywhere else. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the app but the problem remains.

Also, the Android app seems to ignore all sub-notebooks that sync fine across the Windows devices. If I open a notebook in the Android app I see all the notes in one mass listing but no sub-notebooks. Am I missing something in setting up the app?

Many thanks


I think the initaly sync is not finished yet.

Please check Settings > SYNCRONISATION STATUS if the left number is equal to the right zahö for notes, folders, ... is.

For the first sync, don't close Joplin (I't must run in the foreground) and don't send the phone to sleep.
Joplin can not sync in the background!

Thanks Jack, you are absolutely correct. Keeping my phone awake for the length of time of a full sync was the solution. What I think fooled me in this was the difference in the length of time the Android app took to sync compared with the computers I use. Now all the keys have distributed so encryption is working, and finally the sub notebooks appeared on the Android app so all is good!

Many thanks again!

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But how are you meant to keep the phone awake? Caffeine used to work, but I am on Android 11 and there seems to be no easy way to tell the device not to turn off while charging

Ha, I know.

I set the screen timeout to 10 minutes (the max available) and had it next to me whilst trying to bake a loaf of bread! As crazy as it seems it did work :slight_smile:

I found something called Screenon that works. Held the phone awake for more than two hours while I synced everything. Unfortunately that sync finished with the mobile Joplin in an unusable mess, with no tags at all and most notebooks duplicated or in three copies.

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