Notebooks hidden only on mobile - why?

Hi there,

Something strange is happening here with Joplin. I sync my notes and notebooks between my computer (Linux) and my Android device, via Mega and FolderSync.

On the mobile device, however, there are 3 notebooks (with its respective notes) that are totally hidden.

I don't know why, and if I search for content and notes inside those notebooks, the Joplin's search find them and i can so read everything. But they don't appear in that "tree view": I can only acess them through the search.

Anyone has some idea about how to solve this, please?

Thanks in advance.

Most likely it didn't sync fully. There's no background sync on mobile to the app must be open and the screen on while it's syncing

Do you know some way to force a full syncing again?

Clicking the "sync" button in mobile should work if it isn't already syncing.

Please make sure that all devices have the correct time/date — an incorrect device time can also cause sync issues!

So, the syncing is happening, but the problem remains (all the devices have the correct time and date).

The problem is that on mobile 3 of the notebooks are "hidden". I can access its contents, via search, but don't see them in the left panel.

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