Sync with nextcloud error

Client on Kubuntu (latest) installed via discover (appimage)

this "you are not allowed to post links" and "you are not allowd to post more than one pictures" are not very helpful...

It is to prevent spam, you should be able to post URLs in code blocks if you need to (surround it with a backtick `)

Does the folder on your nextcloud target exist? You don't seem to have defined a specific Joplin subfolder which you might want to do so that it doesn't fill the root directory with the sync target files.

Your URL doesn't look correct either? I'm assuming this is a hosted provider? You don't have any details about your own profile in there. e.g.

Hallo Daeraxa,

I've got a hosted nextcloud account at next-cloud . org

. The folder exists, I used the URL copy function in the webinterface.

I shouldn't need to name a personal subfolder because it is named in the third-level-domain name

What folder is that? Aren't you currently trying to just throw the entire sync target directory into the root?

If you created a Joplin folder then that needs to be specified in your Nextcloud WebDav URL

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