Error: Unsupported WebDAV URL format

Hi all,

I opened an issue on GitHub:

but apparently it isn’t a bug.

Joplin gives a message that the nextcloud connection is OK, but the sync does not work.

What am I doing wrong?

What doesn’t work? Does it sync? Because the error message you posted is for the Nextcloud Joplin app and sync should still work even with this error.

Thanks for the response!
Yes, you’re right. The sync seems to be working. Some things confused me:

  1. The error in the logs.
  2. The sync icon was rotating for a long time.
  3. In NextCloud, I was expecting to see the folders and the files like in Joplin, instead there were some .md files with numbers as file names.
  4. I had already some errors before.
  5. I was unsure if the location was correct, since it is a bit different than in the instructions.

I’m trying to reach the docker on my localhost from my Android phone and I’m getting an error in Joplin on Android that’s why I’m not marking it yet as solved.

Apologies if I am reading this incorrectly but it seems that you have Nextcloud set up on a machine and you are syncing using a client on that same machine using the localhost internal address. Now you are trying to sync an Android phone from outside that Nextcloud machine using the Nextcloud machine's internal localhost address?

I’m testing NextCloud with docker on my workstation. Syncing from the workstation to Docker works. Syncing from my phone to NextCloud gives error. But it’s not important now. Apparently it should not work this way. I’m setting up now a dedicated server with NextCloud, then it should work.

Yes. Your Nextcloud server needs to be accessible from your network.

Additionally you can sometimes cut down the sync error messages by using the Joplin WebDAV connector to sync rather than the Nextcloud one.

OK. Thanks. I’ll report back when I’m finished.