Sync timing out? iOS

Ok, now I’m attempting to sync to my iOS devices, and it starts syncing, so I put the tablet/phone down, only to come back later and find it’s stopped syncing. (likely because the screen locked) it maybe gets 30 or 40 items in. It does seem to continue after I wake the device again.

but there’s really no realistic way to have me actively use the device, but not be able to use the device because joplin is syncing.

Isn’t there a way to keep the screen active? kindle seems to do it, leaves my book open for a very long time, even if I haven’t flipped a page in a while.

This also happened to me when I’m doing something else than using Joplin.
If I go back regulary to joplin, Android seems to not send a signal of inactivity so that joplin continues to work.

A little story/feedback:
Yesterday, 1111 resources to sync. So I start Joplin, begin the sync, then switch for watching netflix, when I go back to Joplin, the sync restarts from the beginning.
Previously (with version < 1.0.9x), Joplin kept the state of the current process each 200 resources, so that if you went back and forth, that was fine. Now the threshold seems to be 2000. I noticed that thresold when I imported my 25000 evernote notes with my 55000 resources. Once the 2000 reached, when I had to restart joplin, 53000 resources remained to be sync.

Here i am, over a week later, still babysitting my initial sync…

perhaps there’s a better way to do an initial sync?

Maybe this might help?

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@Kassimleslie’s solution would be the best way. It also works with Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Thank you so much… I had this problem too

That’s really cognitive information to know about such a indomitable and concrete stuffs. I stolidly respect that effort and hope to keep the good work as same as always.

Sorry, I have this same problem but Kassimleslie ´s link does not work for me. How can I access it?

This is the right link now: Performance with large collection - #3 by gufertum