IOS sync won't complete

I have about 3500 notes imported into Joplin on Windows from Evernote and am syncing using Dropbox. For several days the iPad has failed to complete the sync. It just says X Cancel synchronisation. The log shows that nothing is happening. Status shows a total of 2773 items. Windows shows 10,002 items. The largest file in the Dropbox resources folder is less than 6Mb. (I’m getting the same thing on Android too.)

I saw an earlier post (Sync timing out? iOS) that seemed to suggest copying the files directly from Dropbox, but I’m not sure if I can do that on an iPad.

Any suggestions on how to get the initial sync done?

When you start the sync does it do anything at all (syncing few items) or does it get stuck right away?

No, it hasn’t been doing anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled earlier and left it in focus on the iPad. After over 2 hours it had only created 22 items. Now that it’s woken up it’s up at 89 items.

I tried installing from scratch another time and it stopped at about 1000 items.

I could try using OneDrive for syncing if you think that would be any better, but when I looked at Joplin about a month ago I used that and I think I hit a size limit right away.

I typically use Resilio Sync, and that is working really well for me. I use the Android app, along with the Linux and Mac OS X clients. The best feature is there is no size limitations and all data is stored locally on your devices. The main drawback is that computers have to be on to sync.

Thanks. Resilio Sync looks interesting, but unfortunately not any use on IOS, I think.

I double checked, Resilio Sync does have an iOS app. I have never used it though.

Yes, it does, but from what I can read about it I think it would download files to its own sandboxed area and they wouldn’t be accessible to Joplin on iOS.

I’ve given up on syncing from MacOS to my Android devices. I’m switching to Google Keep.

I tried Dropbox and Onedrive and neither would sync effectively to iOS (too slow). I’ve set up WebDAV sync to a NAS and it synced the 3500 notes and 6500 resources incredibly quickly to the iPad (a few minutes!) but it took 24 hours to do it to the Android. All done now though and Joplin is working well.

I am having this exact sync issue on iOS (iPad Pro), although Android, Mac OS x and Windows are all still working fine.

I don’t have a NAS, but I have a Linux server I could use for WebDAV. Does anyone have a recommendation for a basic server that would do the job with minimal fuss?