Sync to new device does not perform fully


I git a new iPhone and and installed the Joplin app to sync my Joplin files placed on my Nextcloud.
Added the encryption key and the sync started. So far so good.

But: After ~ 12000 of 17000 elements the sync stopped for whatever reason.
New attempt started and it seems it started from 0 to check which elements have already been scned. But it never reaches the 12000 again, so I can`t sync the missiong ones.

Any ideas?


No ideas?

What does it do instead? Any errors?
Check the log under "Configuration -> Log" for related errors and post them

Joplin does not have a background sync on mobile devices. When Joplin is closed, sent to the background or the device is put into sleep (display off), the sync is interrupted.

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It simply stops.

Without any background sync by it is impossible to sync large notes with 17000 elements.

This should be clear to developers and I’m wondering why this has not been fixed

An app which can’t be danced complete and start every time from scratch is useless.

An no, iOS has no Option and more to disable display off.

The developers are aware of this, my last status was that React Native just doesn't support it. But the mobile app needs a major overhaul anyway, which is also a GSoC topic. Is there really no option to keep the screen active on IOS? This article says

Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > then choosing the Never option

There was an option all the time. But on my iPhone with iOS 15.4.1 the „never“ does not exist anymore. I assume it deals with the high battery consumption of this OS version and they don’t want to consume even more.

Just checked it on my iPhone 11 (iOS 15.4.1): the "never" is still available.

But you're absolutely right: background syncing is essential - for all sorts of reasons apart from setting up Joplin on a new device. Switching from one app to another can be a test of patience and breaks any kind of workflow if you always have to wait for completion of the sync process (lest running into synchronisation conflicts).

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