Sync problem and unclear what to do

This is for Joplin 10.0.43 on iPad Pro running iPadOS.

Since yesterday update, there is a message in orange on top of the app “ some items could not be synchronized. Press for more info.” When I press that it brings me to sync log that shows no errors.

All in all, everything works, but it would be nice to get rid of this orange banner or act appropriately to resolve it.

Holy hell. I just got the update myself on my iPhone like 15 - 20 minutes ago. I've been waiting for an update for a good while now, so thanks for bringing that up. :smiley:

About your issue: I'm not running into the issue on iOS 13.3 on my iPhone XR, so I can't see what's going on my end with that. I have been running into other issues on and off again that were sync related on it (like several other people). Search for iOS sync and you'll see what I mean.

Do you have Joplin on multiple platforms, such as on the Desktop or another mobile device? I'm asking because, as long as everything is synced great between the platforms and no issues are arising otherwise, I would highly recommend Uninstalling Joplin from your iPad and then reinstalling and resetting everything up. It's a bit annoying and can be a time sink if you have a large amount of notes / images on the app, but it seems to be the best way to solve the problem for the time being while the devs work out the kinks.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for reply. Yes, I have Joplin on Windows, Android phone, iPad and Macbook air. I sync via OneDrive personal. And all traffic is encrypted. So far, everything worked just fine.
Now , I was going to reply here and opened Joplin on iPad to check that orange message, but it was gone. So, I panicked prematurely. Everything is in sync. I guess, just needed to open the app a couple of times.
In general, it would be nice to have an option to log off from onedrive and log in again (unlink and link). I can only switch between different sync options, but it does not prompt to log in again.

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@SouthPoleCat I do not have this error on any of my devices. I am not a developer, so I cannot delve into Joplin’s code to give you an exact answer. That being said, I have two ideas. I have seen similar messages when I initially set up the encryption. One possibility is OneDrive. You could try syncing with DropBox and see if anything changes. The second was the only way I could resolve the similar issues I had. That is to
1: Export your notes as a backup
2: Delete all data on all your devices (All instances of Joplin folders)
3: Delete the folder on your OneDrive
4: Reinstall on one device and import your notes
5: Set up your sync and wait for everything to sync properly, including the encryption key
6: Add a second device and wait for it to sync and decrypt properly
7: Add remaining devices, one at a time, until each is working as expected

This is a much more invasive and time-consuming approach, but it should resolve the problem permanently. It took several days for me to complete this process, but I have had no problems since.

I might have the same situation on Android after having updated to 1.0.316 (Andr. 10). No problems on desktop (1.0.179). Attachment sync set to “manual” before and after the update. Non-synced files are of all sizes, from very small to bigger than 10 MB. Would you recommend this solution in another thread?