Just curious: can someone point me to a description of the syncing process?

Since using Joplin, I have changed the sync target at least twice (from Onedrive over Dropbox to a Nextcloud-Webdav) and also at some point enabled E2E encryption. Syncing has worked perfectly every time.

What I have noticed, however is that apparently Joplin revisits and rechecks the new sync target after the actual syncing has been completed, and I am curious why this is the case.

Let me try and explain what I mean:

  • I start with device A, change the sync target and let Joplin work.
  • I then open Joplin on device B and let Joplin sync with the new target; then followed with an Android device. As I said, it works perfectly.
  • But when I then reopen Joplin on device A (without having changed any notes on any device), I notice in the sync information that Joplin again checks all notes and is very busy for some time even though it doesn't change anything in the local db. The same thing happens when I open Joplin on the other devices for the first time after syncing.

What is Joplin doing at this point?


Joplin needs to know what files were changed since the last sync so it lists all files with update times. I'm guessing this is what you're seeing.

What I am (apparently) seeing is a second scan over every note, which is not something I see with the normal everday sync; I only see this after having done a complete resync after changing the sync target or enabling encryption ...

By "scan" do you mean that joplin reads every note or just gets modified time?

With WebDAV at least Joplin cannot always rely on the file modification time on the server to determine when a note (or folder, etc) has been last changed, so in some cases it needs to get the update time from the note itself which requires loading the contents.

Hard to say from your description why this is happening.

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