Repeat syncing all the notes

Version: Joplin 1.0.195 (macOS 10.15.3)

Sync via Dropbox with encryption.

After the upgrade from 1.0.193 everything was synced again and updated on the cloud (I assume this was because of the new encryption settings).

Now every time a sync starts, instead of just updating the notes that I’ve modified since the last sync, all the notes are updated! And I’ve got lots of them (>1100). That means that every few hours the sync starts and lasts forever to complete. This is a bit annoying.

Is there a way I can solve this? Am I doing something wrong?


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I think you need to let it run to completion, by leaving your computer on and wait for it to finish.

If it doesn’t complete and you interrupt it it might start back from the beginning.

It did complete several times so far. The latest this morning. Now it’s started again.
In any case, it takes several hours to complete. Unless I keep staring at my laptop the whole time, at some point during the process my laptop is going in standby…

Is there anything in the log, maybe some error that keeps repeating?

Dropbox is an old trap.
The makers of Endnote specifically warn against having a work database placed in the Dropbox folder bc of sync issues (through pull requests?). So I have mine in ./Documents and at the end of a session I copy it to Dropbox.

Such problems can be avoided by syncing to a webdav server or NextCloud
but the webdav if also not without its delays, Extreme slow sync of "resources"

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In any case, now it seems to be working again.

Either it didn’t complete before (even though I could swear it did…) or, as avdr2 said, it’s a Dropbox issue.