WebDAV syncing issues

Hi all,

About two weeks ago (approximately), Joplin on my Huawei tablet (Android 9) and on my OnePlus 2 phone (Android 6) started acting up. By “acting up”, I mean that I would update a note, it would sync it (I’m using as a WebDAV server) but the note would not actually be synced with any other clients. I’m also using Joplin on a Windows 10 machine (a portable installation).

Please note that I am using the latest version of Joplin across all of my devices as I’m one of those weird people that actively keep their applications up to date.

Today I started feeling rather frustrated with this because I updated two files on my Windows machine and when I force-synced Joplin on my mobile devices, the notes were not updated. I made a backup of my notes from Windows and uninstalled/reinstalled Joplin on my OnePlus Two. Three uninstallations/reinstallations/reboots later, I’m still unable to get all my notes on that device. The ‘Sync interval’ setting is completely ignored (it’s set to 5 mins and the last time it synced was 13 mins ago) and when I force-sync it says “Completed: 12/05/2019 17:52” (or whatever the time is at that point). 45 mins later, it still hasn’t downloaded all my notes and notebooks (we’re talking about 167 notes, nothing major) and as I’m using encryption I can’t use Joplin on my mobile because it doesn’t download/still hasn’t downloaded the Master Keys.

Checking the log I can see that the errors I was seeing on the UI are about “permission denied to create node (Exception Sabre_DAV_Exception_Forbidden)”. However, in the folder where the Joplin notes are stored, I can now see multiple 1KB files, all carrying the same timestamp which I assume are contents of the “Welcome to Joplin (mobile)” notebook.

Can someone please help me with this? I have a log exported in a txt file if that will be of use to anyone attempting to troubleshoot this.

Thank you advance for your help!

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I’m having the same problem with NextCloud. The notes created / updated with the Desktop application are well synchronized on my server, but the notes created / updated from the mobile application are not synchronized on the server. Same settings, same server.

Please give a try to the latest desktop and Android version.

I’m still having the problem, even after updating the desktop and mobile apps. Only the desktop app is pushing changes to the nextcloud server.

Steps I have taken:

  • Updated Joplin to the latest version from Google Play

  • Hit the 'Synchronise' button

  • Wait
    Synchronisation was completed with absolutely no changes locally or remotely. I was still stuck with a single notebook and two notes (all items encrypted). No Master Keys had been downloaded.

  • I went ahead and deleted all data for Joplin (Settings → Apps → Joplin → Force stop and then Storage → Clear data).

  • Started Joplin again

  • Went into Settings and set it up again as it was setup before

  • Added the details for the WebDAV server

  • I deleted the "Welcome" workbook

  • Hit the 'Synchronise' button

  • Wait

  • Joplin created 8 remote items (not sure what these are)

  • It then stopped with a PUT error and it says that permission is denied to create node. This seems to be a Sabre_DAV_Exception_Forbidden error although I am unsure if this error is returned by Joplin of's WebDAV's implementation.

Please let me know if the above tests are inadequate and I'm happy to try an alternative testing approach. :smiley:

Many thanks,


403 errors are either an issue with your server or the way you configured Joplin. It’s not a bug in Joplin.

I suspected that might be the case when I saw the Sabre_DAV_Exception_Forbidden error but wanted to double check. Will see if I can find an alternative WebDAV provider and try with that.

I’ll report back my findings asap.

I believe I have found the culprit to this issue →

@laurent is it OK if I rename this post from “Multiple syncing issues on Android” to “ WebDAV syncing issues” as that might help others with the same setup as myself? It might also prevent new posts being created in the forum about the same problem.

For those looking for a WebDAV-based alternative which is also privacy-focused, there is always Woekli ( I’ve exported all my notes from Joplin and will attempt to migrate there.

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Thanks for sharing the info. I’ve renamed your post.