Sync issue with USB key + FreeFileSync


I'm using Joplin happily, but have a very annoying issue.
Here is my setup.
On my personal computer (Windows), I set the sync target to be in a local directory which is in fact a NAS mount (Synology).
I also have an Android smartphone and Joplin is synchronizing with WebDAV protocol served by the NAS.
No problem so far.

Then I have another Windows computer, at work, on which I cannot use WebDAV (network restriction). So, I'm using an USB key and the software FreeFileSync to convey the sync files between my personal computer and my work computer. Then Joplin on the work computer have its sync target set to this FreeFileSync-synced directory.

The goal of having the FreeFileSync sync is to be able to use Joplin (and also have access to my other personal files) even when the USB key is not plugged-in.

Most of the times, it works well. But sometimes, I notice a weird behavior.
I may have updates in notes that I can't see in my work computer (or the opposite). I did some investigations on the work computer, and:

  • There's no conflict detected by Joplin
  • If I manually open the related MD file in a text editor, I can see the changes
  • If I click on "Toggle external editing", I don't see the changes

How come Joplin can't see the changes whereas the MD file on disk have them?

I would like to investigate more deeply to understand where the problem is, but I don't know how Joplin sync is working.

I opened the "Sync status", and:

  • On my personal computer I'm on revision 367/367
  • On my phone I'm on revision 367/367
  • On my work computer I'm on revision 356/356

Is the revision number stored in the sync folder?

On the 2 Windows I'm using Joplin 1.7.10.


Then, if I edit the note with Joplin on the work computer, a conflict is detected by Joplin.

In other words: I would like to understand how the "file system" sync is working.
I guess the way FreeFileSync is syncing makes Joplin miss some updates, and I would like to understand why.

How can Joplin display in the app an old version of a note, when the new version is in the related MD file in the sync directory?


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