Sync on Android with PCloud

I would like to sync Joplin 2.8.1 on Android 13 (Pixel7) with PCloud. As a destination I should enter the absolute path, but there I have no option to select PCloud.
Pcloud is set up on the Pixel7 and works. I need the absolute path to the PCloud folder. What I am missing is a selection where I can select the PCloud directory.

Can someone please help me.
I have already searched for it in the forum and internet, but could not find it.


I‘m afraid that pCloud doesn't work well with Joplin
Please check this list for unsupported WebDAV hosts

Thanks for your answer

That is correct pcloud is not supported as a provider.

The connection with pcloud already exists with the pcloud app.
My idea is that I can select the path from the existing connection as sync target.

If you were syncing with the webdav protocol then you choose that. If you were syncing by the file system which is then synced with pcloud then you would pick the file system sync target

However, as stated, pcloud is not supported as a webdav host so if you encounter any issues with it then we won't be able to offer any support.