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Feature Request: pCloud Synchronisation


Would it be possible to add support for synchronising with pCloud. It would be great to be able to move away from OneDrive/Dropbox to a provider that has a native Linux client and a zero knowledge storage policy.

With my desktop Linux Joplin program, I can use the file system that is auto-backed up to pCloud - the problem is on my Android phone. I can’t figure out how to sync with pCloud unless it is supported by Joplin.

Thank you for doing an awesome job.

pCloud supports WebDAV. Joplin supports WebDAV…

…thus Joplin can synchronize with pCloud.

Thank you for replying. I had tried but could not get it to work and there seems to be no pcloud documentation.

I have tried again and appear to have got it working on mobile now. Perhaps doing it this way with mobile and synchronising on desktop with local files is the way to go.

Thank you.

Setting up Joplin synchronization with pCloud is done via the WebDAV target.

If you got it to work with mobile, it should also work with desktop. If not, there’s a problem somewhere.
Without a proper log and error message, there’s nothing we can do. If you can attach the log, or post the relevant section here, we can have a look.

How do you even setup WebDAV with pCloud?

You check the manual of pCloud and/or ask them for the webdav address. Searching the net gives me the following address for pCloud’s webdav access: https://webdav.pcloud.com

So do I just go into Joplin, set the sync target to WebDav, feed it the url, and then enter my username/email and password? What if I have 2FA enabled?

Yep, that’s usually how it works.

I can’t speak for pCloud. In case of 2FA one rather uses a token instead of a password. In Nextcloud I go to user security and create an app token. You will have to read up on pCloud or send them an email.

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Alright, thank you