Sync issue with pCloud

Hi, I've discovered (likely due to me changing file locations on my laptop) I've disconnected from my Webav database - now getting the message on trying to re-establish:

"Error. Please check that URL, username, password, etc. are correct and that the sync target is accessible. The reported error was:

The WebDAV implementation of pcloud is incompatible with Joplin, and as such is no longer supported. Please use a different sync method."
vn Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, win32)

Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: a0a4a81
Windows 10
Webdav - pCloud

Note I normally sync across 3 devices in total and so have a fallback database of notes, and have just backed up to a .jex file.
Hoping for a resolution / advice please.

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If you search the forum for "pcloud", you will surely find a more detailed answer and explanation, but the message is clear. If you want to continue with the synchronisation, you need to use a different sync provider. Or you can, at least temporarily, stay at the older version of Joplin for the time being until you manage to find a compatible one and migrate your data to it.

Really? Thanks for your response. There's nothing on the forum to suggest that a recent update to Joplin has rendered the function to synch with pCloud obsolete. So what have I missed? This setup worked until days / weeks ago.

If you want you can enable it again by opening database.sqlite in your profile, and setting the key sync.allowUnsupportedProviders to 1 in the settings table (or add the key if it's not already there). We no longer support pCloud because it can cause too many problems once you get to a certain number of notes.

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I contacted pCloud's Technical Support regarding Joplin and pCloud's WebDAV. This is their response.

"We have a very basic version of WebDAV implemented, with no additional features. I can put in a request, but then I would need to know what Joplin needs, or what the issues with the pCloud WebDAV are that causes Joplin to be incompatible. We are not aware of numerous issues with our WebDAV implementation."

What does Joplin need as a compatible implementation of WebDAV, or what issues does Joplin have with pCloud's WebDAV?

There's a thread about it in the forum

Thanks MisterEShopper, laurent.

The hint for me is that "it's all too hard". Disappointing.
I'm out of my depth tweaking a sqllite dbase.

My options are to quit Joplin or to find an alternative hosting mechanism.
Thanks again.

which forum? Joplin or pCloud?

Please check and the linked forum topic about pCloud. In short, their WebDAV implementation is flawed. It may work for a small number of notes but is bound to fail with larger amounts of data.


I found back the list if issues, which was actually in GitHub:

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Thanks. Sounds like a circular bame game... :thinking:

As mentioned above you're free to keep using it with that special setting