pCloud's WebDAV has been improved, so please make it usable

please don't remove this topic.
When I contacted pCloud support, I was informed that pCloud's WebDAV was improved by restarting the pCloud device.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but could you please enable pCloud's WebDAV settings in Joplin?
The following email is in Japanese, but it is the content of the email I received from pCloud support.



他のユーザーからも同様の報告があり、どうやらWebDavを使ったJoplinの組み込みが原因だったようです。そのケースでは、インフラ全体(WebDav APIとの統合)を再起動し、設定し直したところ、すぐに解決しました。


Vasilena Yosifova

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Thank you, but they say they restarted pCloud and that wouldn't fix the issues we have.

I'd like to support pCloud but currently it's not possible because there are too many problems, and it also means we get a lot of support requests that we can't solve since the problem is not on our end.

I see, that's right.
I would like to continue contacting pCloud support. Specifically, could you tell me which page contains all the problems with pCloud's WebDAV implementation? I would like to inquire based on that page.

This GitHub issue has some information about the problems.

Assuming the translation is correct I find it a bit odd that Vasilena Yosifova, who is shown on LinkedIn as a Marketing Specialist at pCloud AG, is not only "... in charge of pCloud support." but also entrusted to reconfigure pCloud's entire infrastructure.

... I restarted and reconfigured the entire infrastructure (integration with the WebDav API) and it immediately resolved itself.

Anyway, the below post shows that if you know how to to edit your Joplin database and you are willing to take the risk you can over-ride the block by changing a key in the settings table.

Thank you for your advice.
I didn't know about Vasilena Yosifova, but she emailed me back as a support person, so I shared it with her.
I will try the database settings.