Sync not working on linux 2nd drive, file system sync

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    v2.4.12 linux

Joplin 2.4.12 (prod, linux)

Client ID: d7dd9592b62740cd99cefbb822d36147
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: No

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    syncing linux Pop_OS with Android, using the files system via Syncthing

log (copy).txt (10.6 KB)

I am using File System sync to a folder on a 2nd drive on my linux pop_os. The path is /media/mpt/drive2/MegaSync/Google Pixel/Joplin

This path is synced to my android using syncthing.

The problem is that Joplin doesn't seem to "see" the folder. No notes show up in the Joplin app.

After days of troubleshooting the key insight is that if I change the Joplin folder to my main drive it works. But if I change the folder to any folder on my 2nd drive it it doesn't show up in Joplin. There are no error messages.

Besides first or second drive issues, you mean 'sync the sync' actually can work?

Other example:

So just let Joplin do a local file-sync while other sync-tooling syncs the files?

Without corrupting the database or causing data-loss when 2 devices edit records in the database at the same time?

What I mean is that Joplin just shows empty database when the sync target (in settings) is any location on "drive 2". (Though the Joplin database is there).

If I move my Joplin folder to any folder on drive 1 (the drive/disk that the OS is installed on) then Joplin loads my database successfully and it will sync.

So, to summarize, my problem isn't syncing, it is that if my Jopin data folder is located on my Drive 2, then it can't read/load it.

I know, just took the liberty to question adjacent topics.

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I did another test that confirmed my suspicion - I tried dragging an attachments (image file) that is stored on Drive 2 into Joplin and I get the message that the path cannot be accessed.

For the record every other program has no problem accessing the path.


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