File system sync not working (Linux OR Android)

I hope someone can help, I am very frustrated.

I’m running the latest Joplin on Arch Linux. Also running it on an Android phone.

I set up filesystem sync and tried to sync those files with Syncthing. Everything seems to sync the actual files, but when I try to setup the same folder in the Android app, it won’t read any of the notes into Joplin. But if I create a new note in Joplin and sync, it will puke it into the folder with the rest of the .md files, just not import the existing ones.

To make matters worse, as I was playing with this to fix it, I changed the filesystem sync folder on my Linux desktop and (of course) Joplin happily deleted all of my notes because the new sync folder was empty.

However, I had backed up this sync folder, so while I have all of the .md files, Joplin won’t import them when I sync. Same exact problem as my phone.

Any ideas? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I think you can fix it by changing the current time of the .md files (touch *), but probably the simpler is to start over by uninstalling the mobile app and clearing the desktop config.

Thank you! I got it working now. Great app, thanks for all your hard work and not to mention doing tech support for it too.