File system sync + syncthing not updating notes

Hi. I am running Joplin on my Android phone and a Linux desktop. I have set the Android client to use filesystem sync into a folder called ‘Joplin’ and I then use syncthing to sync that folder to the Linux box.

I did the same thing on the Linux client - file system sync, pointing to the synchronised folder on my hard drive.

If I add a new note on either client, I can see that the .md containing the note is synched to both copies of the Joplin folder but notes created on one device do not appear on the other, and vice-versa.

I feel sure I have missed something obvious but have no idea what.

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Did you ever figure this out? I have a similar issue…

Nope! Have installed a basic Nextcloud instead. Would love to know where I went wrong

This might sound silly, but have you checked the FS permissions? My symptoms were the same on a shared NTFS partition until I realized linux just wasn’t mounting it with write permissions. IIRC Android’s FS has a similar thing going on by default.

Permissions seem fine to me. All the files are synching (I can open them using other apps) but Joplin never seemed to see them

Exact same issue here. Looking forward for a solution.

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Hi there,
I have the same problem I think.
I'm using syncthing to sync the Joplin folder between 2 Windows10 PCs and 1 Android. On every device I got quiet often the problem that the files are up to date (seen in external viewer) but Joplin shows the old content. Joplin updates the showed content when I change the file content in an external editor or if I use the resync all function from Joplin

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An issue has been opened for this on Github.