Sync joplin to local disk D

I want to sync joplin notes to my local disk D. ie save all files automatically on exit as whatever format to local disk D. How do I achieve it?

I am not sure what you are asking for. Do you want to sync Joplin with your D drive, or do you want to save a backup to your D drive when you exit?

I am not sure what the first option would mean so I will assume you want the second option. If that is the case then you could try the Simple Backup plugin. This will either make an automatic backup to a location you specify at an interval you specify or it will let you manually create a backup at any time you want.

Does that help? (Apologies if I have misunderstood).

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what should I do there to backup on exit? Is there a way?

Once you have installed the plugin you can do a manual backup before you exit by going to the Tools menu and choosing Create backup.

Or you can automate it to backup at a predefined interval but only when Joplin changes. I have mine set to back up 24 hours, if I have changed something, and set to keep the last 5 backups.

Which one works best for you depends on how you personally use Joplin. The automatic way works best for me, but if you need to do it every time you exit then the manual way may work best for you.


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