How to save notes

When all my notes are synced to onedrive, my windows system is broken. which means that all my local notes will be lost,

I have to reinstall the system and reinstall Joplin,

In this case, is there any way to ensure that my notes are safe?

Although it’s synced on the onedrive,

But I have tried to download the application / Joplin folder locally in onedrive, but the downloaded folder cannot be synchronized or imported into the new Joplin.

The way I know is to reconfigure and link onedrive and synchronize on the newly installed Joplin,

But I want to know whether I can download the synchronized folder to the local, and whether there is an effective way to reply my notes to Joplin, which means that I have more ways to ensure that my notes are safe, in case I don’t have time to back up;

Looking forward reply.

Well, you can set the sync target to be local filesystem and store the notes in a folder

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I use a three step workflow to insure my notes and Joplin configuration.
1°: within Joplin, sync is set every 30 minutes toward a local folder.
2°: this folder is synchronised every 2 hours with a backup app task (Carbon Copy Cloner for MacOS) toward another local folder which is related to my ownCloud service
3°: the whole config folder is also backuped toward the same local folder, related to my ownCloud service