Automate Daily Backup

Im using windows 7 and using the latest stable version of joplin which would be 1.0.179. Whats the best way to backup Joplin on a daily basis only if there are changes or new notes on that day itself

where do you want to backup stuff ?
for example syncthing works great to sync only changes from / to any device.

That’s a bit misleading, as sync is not meant for, nor really good at, backing your notes up. Quite the contrary: if you destroy them by accident, it will only ruin them on other devices as well.

@tony depends on what you want to do. Somewhere on this forum are scripts that extract Joplin’s notes into a directory and version them with git - that will also only make any changes when the notes did actually change. Perhaps you might try something along those lines.

i want to first export to JEX daily only when theres changes to the file

ill try and find that

@tony in case you haven't found it yet, here it is: