Can I Backup Joplin Directly On My PC (No Cloud)


Is there any way to backup Joplin, in total, onto my PC (same PC that Joplin in on)?

For example, I do not want to use any Cloud options, I was just hoping to have a Backup Folder
that I could, simply copy and move to another PC, if needed, and just have everything work?

I tried just copying the folder and moving to another PC to see if that worked... It worked but I was
not able to see any of the Records...

Is there a way to do this type of backup?

Thank You!

Simple Backup plugin will back up your config and export your data as a JEX file which is lossless. You can then import that JEX to any new client you want and put your config back in.

It sounds like you were trying to use the sync target as a backup, that is not the purpose of it and isn't a suitable backup mechanism.

Thank you, I tried something like that and when I imported it into the new version, it imported ALL individual records into one record, and I would have needed to copy and paste each of them into it's own for every one of them, so I just deleted everything... so if you're saying that should work, I did something wrong...

You mean it made multiple JEX files? There is an option called "Single JEX" (which I believe is default now) which would just put all your notes into one compressed archive and on import into a new system should be the same as your old one.

Thank you, I'll try again using the different option and see if I get it to work...
thanks again.

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