Understanding local file syncing

Hi there, I have just started trying out Joplin for my work notes, and I'm trying to figure out a backup system.

My main work cloud storage is with Google Drive, which I've read is not supported because it lacks some necessary protocols or something. So my next option is to backup to a network drive. Because I don't always have access to this drive, my thinking is to sync to a local folder, and have some other backup software back that up on the network drive periodically. Does that sound ok so far?

I changed the "Directory to synchronize with" in the options to a folder where I keep my other notes and things, but now I see that while some data has gone into that directory, the SQL database and some other files are still in .config\joplin-desktop in my user folder. So I'm trying to understand what the difference is between these two groups of data, and which files I would want to be backing up to be able to recover my notes if needed.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Version: 2.4.9
OS: Windows 10

The sync isn't really a backup as such i.e. you can't fully reconstruct your Joplin system using the data there but it does keep all your note data (so things like settings etc. are not retained). The sync is designed for just that, syncing notes between multiple clients so that they all remain the same.

Your Joplin profile folder is your working profile, it contains the database full of your note data, settings data etc.

If you are after a pure backup solution rather than a sync then have a look at the Simple Backup plugin - Backup Plugin.

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