Sync issue - syncs forever on Windows/Nextcloud

Hi, Joplin 2.6 on Windows 10, syncing via Nextcloud here.

One of my team members can't complete a sync. The sync button spins forever with no output displayed on top of the sync button.

Could someone tell me what are the steps to
1/ Identify the problem (how to get an output of what is stuck)?
2/ Solve it (There are new things unsynchronized on both sides, on the team member client and on the NextCloud server).

Thank you for your help!

You'd want to check the log first - How to enable debugging | Joplin

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OK the error was one I saw earlier on my client:
An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[53100]: Disk full:
But it only appeared when canceling the sync (which would never stop by itself)

Apparently some problem server-side... Which disappeared between this morning and this afternoon, as after restarting the client I could sync without a problem.

It might be naive but do you have spare storage space on the client?

This "disk full" error might mean there's none left

Could also be it's the server that has ran out of space and just sent this error message back to the client

Just bringing a closure to this: there was space on the server. It was a weird Webdav bug that disappeared by trying again one hour later

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