Sync problems after change to Nextcloud


a couple of days ago I changed the synchronization target from Dropbox to Nextcloud. The Nextcloud server is hosted by Hetzner (on a storage called "Storage Share").

At first everything worked fine. But now I'm having problems with the synchronization. Joplin tries to sync literally all the time and ends with an error after 10-15 minutes. But the error is not always the same. Two examples:

Operating system: Linux Mint 20.3
Joplin version: 2.8.8 (seems to be the latest for the Linux client)

The synchronization configuration is still fine:

"Success! Synchronization configuration appears to be correct."

Any ideas what the problem could be?
What other information could be helpful?

Thank you!

Looks to be an issue with your Nextcloud, check with Hetzner support if they have any

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