Joplin desktop is syncing but not syncing


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Joplin 2.10.19 (prod, win32)

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I'm syncing with nextcloud using WebDav, every time I open Joplin desktop, I can see the syncing icon turning with the word "cancel", but I can't see what is being synced like when it is actually syncing, when I click "cancel", it says "canceling" but it is not doing anything, what can I do in this situation, I'm also using Joplin on iPhone, and it syncs perfectly on my phone.

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Windows 11 Pro N

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Are you using Onedrive cloud for your Joplin sync, bro😀?

No, I'm using Nextcloud from a third party provider...

this is the error message -

Completed: 10/06/2023 12:19 (505s)
Last error: FetchError: Response timeout while trying to fetch (over 120000ms)

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Yes, I have at same issue but I use onedrive third party provider as well.
Yesterday, on my Joplin desktop I couldn't sync. And now, today i use normally :smile:. What about you now, bro? :joy:

Still the same, maybe I should consider switching to one drive or dropbox...

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