Synchronization Troubleshooting

I'm wondering if there is a doc or FAQ somewhere that provides a detailed walkthrough of possible synchronization troubleshooting steps? I've overcome a few problems myself with various google searches, but it would be great to collect this information in one location. Before I consider doing this myself, wondering if it already exists?

Now on to my problem, I'm using Nextcloud as the back end for syncing, a number of Windows 10 Joplin installs, and an Android application. The main desktop I use has all of the notes (I create pretty much everything here). The Android application is also fully in sync. The other two Windows 10 installs are in different stages of being out of sync. The sync process completes every 5 minutes, but not all content is downloaded. There was an issue where the desktop version on one of the Windows 10 installs was a few point releases behind, but I've since updated that. All Windows versions are now running: Joplin 1.1.4 (prod, win32); Sync Version: 2; Profile Version: 34; Revision: 9610b7e6 (master)

I can find no logic to why some notes and folders are syncing and why others are not. A note I took yesterday morning synced fine, where a folder/notebook I created two days ago hasn't synced. Stuff I created a few weeks ago isn't present at all. However, everything is in Nextcloud, since everything has synced to the Android app.

I'm sure I can probably just blow away the local installs that aren't working well, and reinstall, and resync, but I don't want to be at that every time stuff goes out of sync. I only have 61 notes to date, so if things can go out of sync with such a small amount, I'm a bit worried about long term usage.

I saw mention somewhere that some synchronization problems were solved with Nextcloud by moving to Webdav syncing instead. Wondering if that is more stable then the Nextcloud function?

For reference, here are the problems I've "solved" to date (which may be contributing to my problems...):

  • Windows desktop app out of date. Received a message that it couldn't sync because of version issues
    • Solved by updating the out of date client. Syncing resumed.
  • Lock file error - syncing aborted. Received a PUT error pointing to a lock file in the Joplin folder in Nextcloud. I couldn't find anything actually in the location, and permissions existed that should have allowed the creation of files.
    • Solved by emptying the oc_file_locks table in Nextcloud (even though that particular file was not listed in this table)

Any tips provided are appreciated.


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