Sync down to a reinstalled app

I have notebooks saved on the windows client and synced to dropbox. I just reinstalled Joplin on Android. how do I sync them ?

You won’t need to do anything special, simply choose Dropbox as your sync option and sign in. The sync will start normally.
Keep in mind that syncing is slow so it might take a few hours.

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Thanks. I am always at loss when there is a “sync” button without further options.

Well, “hours” is an understatement. It’s been 12 hours, and going. I have a few thousand, 5kb -ish notes.

Can the same be achieved by connecting the phone and copy-pasting the data directory to somewhere?

And is it advisable to write in the app during a sync of such scale?

Yes I believe it’s possible, however I have never done it. You would have to cancel the current sync first. I think if you search the forum’s you can find some threads where people try it.

And is it advisable to write in the app during a sync of such scale?

I think it would be okay. But personally I wouldn’t so I won’t advise it.

On the topic of slow first sync it would be nice if Joplin had support for a first-sync procedure to get new devices up and running. For example it should be possible for the desktop client to prepare a zip that the new client could download and unpack as the first sync. Or maybe the desktop and new client could connect over sockets or something. I’m just spit balling, I don’t know what the answer is.