How can I speed up the sync?

Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)

I am using Joplin happliy, synced with Dropbox.

스크린샷 2023-11-02 220046

As you can see, spent time to sync is almost 1 minute. I have about 1k notes.

I hope any advice to resolve this. Thanks in advance.

Just let it run overnight? Dropbox throttles the connection and also maybe these items were slow if they were particularly large.

Given Laurent's comment on throttling, and how many Joplin users have issues with Dropbox .... I think you might want to consider using a different cloud drive for Joplin. It's free, it's easy, why bother with Dropbox at all (even if you need it and keep it for other purposes) ?

As far as I know, isn't Dropbox the most reliable cloud? (unless on a Mac) (vs onedrive, vs google drive)

Are there a lot of special issues with Joplin and dropbox?

I've used Dropbox (free account) for a long time with Joplin and the only issue I've had is that it doesn't let Joplin sync if I am using my VPN (Mullvad.) To get around that, I use split tunnelling when I launch Joplin.

I can't comment on speed because after the initial sync, my changes in Joplin are minor (a note added or delete here or there or a few notes updated.)

I also use Dropbox and it performs fine for me. The only long syncs are when I first imported notes from Evernote, then synced; also when I moved a lot of notes from one notebook to another. Since I usually don't create many notes between the automatic sync intervals, the desktop syncs are quick. Mobile sync takes longer since I don't open the mobile app very often, so there are more notes to be synced with each sync.

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