Sync to Android via Dropsync

I'm using Dropbox to sync Joplin between two Win10 devices. Works perfectly.

I was trying to figure out how to sync Joplin to an Android tablet without having to pay a monthly Dropbox fee. The only thing I use Dropbox for is Joplin.

I found an Android app (highly rated) called Dropsync which will sync a Dropbox folder with an Android device. I tried it and successfully synced the Joplin folder. However.

Using Joplin 1.7.5 on the Android tablet, I cannot find any way to point the app to the Joplin folder in internal storage using Synchronization>File System. I've spent the last couple hours going over every post I could find on here, tried everything, and nothing helped.

I then found the file storage location for Joplin on the tablet (net.cozic.joplin) and copied over the contents of the synced Joplin folder, but the app still will not read the files. I can make notebooks/notes within the app and it's apparently saving them in net.cozic.joplin, but it can't seem to read the files already there.

Am I trying to do something that's just not possible?

Why are you using a third party app and not just the build in Joplin sync? The later is the recommend way and works perfectly for me.

Depending on the android version and your phone you are not able to access any file /folder from any app. So perhaps you would need to root your phone for your way of syncing to work. But as stated above there is not need to do this.

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It's obvious why I tried doing it that way, cause I'm a DUMBA$$!

Actually, I had it in my mind that Dropbox didn't sync to Android or IOS in the free version, only the paid version. I swore that a couple years ago I tried it and it didn't work. I did not bother to check it today and went through this convoluted procedure for nothing.

I did it through the app and it's working fine (although it did take a very long time to sync).


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