Sync does not finish and cannot cancel

My Joplin has been running OK for awhile now. I'm on Windows 11 syncing to OneDrive.

Now I have sync running but currently it is running continously. Even trying to cancel sync it does not terminate and displays a message "Canceling..." also continously. I'm reluctant to abort the Joplin session (in Task Manager) as I know this can introduce more database conflicts.

What should I do?

Are there any errors in the Electron developer tools? (Help > Toggle Dev Tools > Console).

Yes, a lot, it has been running since 15:10 today but maybe longer...

The "failed to load source map" warnings should be ignorable. (They just mean that the dev tools couldn't find a TypeScript/JavaScript source file for some piece of minified JavaScript).

Yes I've had this happen many times. It's a terrible work-around but the only thing I've found to do is initiate another sync from another device (computer, mobile device, etc.). The "stuck" sync on your primary device should then error out because another device (your second device) now has a lock on the db in OneDrive or DropBox. Hope this helps.

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That is truly an awful workaround! As the problem is repeatable it needs to be raised as a 'bug'.

It has a long history, but it's also hard to reproduce it with certain steps

Mine is a Windows issue, rather than Android. So it feels more like a core Joplin issue rather than the operating system.

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Yeah I once met this on both Android and Windows

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Yes - it happens to me a couple times a month on two Mac OS devices as well...

Gotta add some info from my perspective...
My Joplin instance is portable and running on an USB device connected to a hub and also connected to a monitor hub... I know, not ideal, but hear me out... :smiley:
Once for awhile, for example when entering into sleep mode, the USB device disconnects "accidently" while the instance is still running... that's when I also encounter that situation where the sync process doesn't finish and can't be cancelled either.
That's all I would like to provide for more insight into that sync problem. I'm not a pro coder... yet. Just an observer and still happily using the Joplin app for different reasons and purposes.

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I've got this again after installing the latest version... Before everything synced fine but afterwards no more. Even the "workaround" with initiating sync on Android doesn't work (or I'm doing it wrong... And it has been my own advice at some point :smile: Never ending synchro - #19 by 3ter)

UPDATE: Finally! I played around a bit more, starting sync on Android, starting Joplin on Desktop then starting sync manually on Android again and jackpot!
And every sync afterwards works like a charm again!

I've been noticing this as an issue more on desktop since updating to Joplin 2.10.18 (prod, win32) :frowning: will try the second device workaround, because I did try quitting Joplin another time and did have to paste back in the changes I had just made (had copied them just in case).

Edit: Sadly, that trick isn't working.

And maybe my issue is different actually. Joplin on desktop gets stuck on "Cancelling..." with the Cancel button spinning. But I hadn't tried to cancel it in the first place. Pressing Cancel again seems to have no effect. This has been happening quite a few times recently - anyone else experience this? Should I open a new thread or is it likely related?

Yes, the Cancel button not working has always been a part of this larger issue for me. Whenever Joplin desktop gets stuck trying to sync, canceling never works (just displays Cancelling... indefinitely), which is why I had to find another work-around (which was forcing a sync-killing error from another device (Android or iOS)).

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