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I have been using Joplin for a while now, but I seem to have syncing problems most of the time. I am a Joplin newbie so please bear with me.

I am currently using version 2.8.8 for Windows, which I understand is the latest version. My operating system is Windows 11, 21H2. I have also installed Joplin for Android (OnePlus, Android 12 operating system). Joplin is hosted on Nextcloud made available by the provider who also host my website and the path looks like this: ""

It was no problem uploading the notes I had imported from Evernote from the Joplin for Windows application the first time (approx. 470 entries).

However, when I wanted to synchronize the Android App nothing happened. I had checked the "Check Synchronisation Configuration" and it said "Success!. Synchronisation configuration appears to be correct". I then went back to Joplin Windows and wanted to do another synchronisation. However, I received the following error message: "Last error. Fail-saf: Sync was interrupted because 98% of the data (477 items) is about to be deleted. To override this behaviour disable the fail-safe in the sync settings".

I disabled the fail-safe in the Joplin for Windows App and, as a result, all entries were gone, so that I had to reimport the Evernote entries.

Don't have a clue what I am doing wrong. Maybe someone can help me out.

Many thanks!

Just a comment, but you may want to edit the path link, as the forum software has completely botched it, making your post look like spam for an adult site :crazy_face:. I'd suggest to embed the path in code formatting.

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Thank you for your hint! Did not realize this at all!

So in short, what issue you're experiencing right now?

if it's about Android syncing, please note that Joplin does not have a background sync on mobile devices. When Joplin is closed, sent to the background or the device is put into sleep (display off), the sync is interrupted. So please disable the lock and leave it for several hours with the app in the foreground.

It is highly advisable not to interrupt first lengthy synchronization. It may take time, sometimes dozens of hours.

So, it's best to disable the time out of screen lock and leave the phone syncing overnight
Secondary synchronization cycles will be much quicker (about several seconds)

I have done exactly as you told me and everything indeed seems to be back to normal now.
And I now also know that background syncing on my mobile device does not work.

Thank you for your help!

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