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Joplin 2.14.20

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I've been using Joplin on Linux and Android for quite a while without any issues. Today, the Android app will not sync. The "Cancel" appears with the spinning arrow but never goes away. Historically, I can expect it to come up, spin for a while, and then it presents the sync messages.

This was working fine as recently as yesterday when I know it sync'd successfully. I have not made any large changes in the desktop; i.e., this isn't related to waiting for a large sync to finish. I have not made any settings changes to either desktop or mobile since the last successful sync. I would have expected it to at least time out or something and produce an error but it does not (I've seen that behavior when there were connections issues or something similar). Today, it just never finishes -- after waiting even 10 minutes -- and only continues to spin.

I tried canceling the sync but it won't cancel. It displays "Cancelling..." but never does.

I closed the app, cleared the Android app cache, re-opened the app, and tried to sync again. This time, it spun for a while and then stopped and presented a client lock error -- see image at bottom. This doesn't make sense as I have only used these two clients -- the desktop and mobile -- recently. So, I opened my laptop and let it sync and it completed fine with no errors.

I then tried to sync again using the mobile and, this time, it sync'd successfully -- sort of: It resulted in a duplicate of the same note I had attempted to edit on the mobile. I was able to delete that duplicate on the mobile. But then I sync'd the laptop again and it deleted the original note leaving not the original or the duplicate there. Then the mobile auto-sync'd and delete it there, too. Fortunately, I had copied the content of the original note to save it and was able to re-create the note.

This does not leave me comfortable with the syncing...


Please see here: iOS: Dropbox sync broken · Issue #10396 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Thanks; that makes sense. The fact that clearing the cache seemed to "fix" things (mostly) would fit with this. I've often found that when an update occurs for Android apps (either in app or on the server) and it results in issues, clearing the cache tends to fix it -- mostly. :wink: