Sync configuration: Onedrive setting not saved

Joplin 2.8.1
Android 12, Galaxy S22

I currently use Onedrive for synchronization between 2 Windows desktops and would like to add my phone to be included in this synchronization.

On a fresh Joplin install, I set Sync Target to OneDrive, but it doesn't "stick". I.e. if I click Back then return to Config, the setting has reverted to (None). OneDrive is installed on the phone and I can see the Joplin directory when I run OneDrive. Permissions granted to Joplin include Storage.

As experiments...

  • If I set the target to OneDrive, click Encryption Config, and then click Back, the target is already reverted to None.
  • The same happens when I set it to, e.g., Dropbox, click Back, and then view Config.

Are you pressing the save icon at the top of the screen?

Color me embarrassed.

And this has to be a record. In less than 1 minute, I have an answer. Many thanks!

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