Unable to sync with OneDrive (creation of "Applications 1" directory

Using Android (12) 2.8.1 and Windows (10 pro) 2.8.8, I try to sync using my OneDrive account (personal, otherwise it wouldn't be /OneDrive but /OneDrive-Company).

It seems like the result is that it creates an "Applications 1" directory with "Joplin" subdir and puts its files there. Moving the files to the "Applications" directory won't help, it re-creates the "Applications 1/Joplin" every time.

I enabled the e2e encryption on both sides, using the same master password. I tried to force a re-download on the PC, which only resulted in the Welcome Desktop notes to disappear. The multiple (forced) synchronize I tried only downloads one file (presumably a lock?), and I can't get my notes from the Android to the PC. Any idea what I'm doing wrong ?

It doesn't look like the log contains anything interesting on Windows, I can provide it (like said in How to enable debugging | Joplin), but it's quite big to put here.
Windows details (Should I copy some to the Android device ?)
Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)
ID client : 01518a4803b24e31b37cd1b8e633cd63
Version de Synchro : 3
Version du profil : 41
Trousseau supporté : Oui
Révision : c2a6a13

Can you try migrating to another cloud, Dropbox for example?
I've seen this bug before, but I have no idea how to reproduce it so for now it's easier just to change the cloud provider.

I stopped using Dropbox when it restricted to 2 devices. But I can try Google Drive. FYI, it (unsure if Android or Windows) even created an "Application 2/Joplin" at some time.
What's weird is that I can't find the place back of the Android files on my mobile, I disabled the encryption to be able to read the files but they are not what I would expect. On the Android I still have the startup "Welcome! (Mobile)" notes, that talk about importing and exporting notes, but is there a way to do that on the Android app at all ? In the menu the only export option I see is "export profile" and "export debug report", not "export everything", or "raw", etc. Can I export a jex or raw copy of my Notes from the Android app or not ? In which directory can I find the Joplin local files ? I'm lost here.

I recently installed Joplin and started using. It's syncs between two windows (w7 and w10) computers and my android using my Onedrive account. not using encryption yet. first post here.

I'm fighting to get that working, and until now, it doesn't work. How did you achieve that ? :clap:

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