How do i sync the joplin through onedrive on mobile?

I Had successfully authorized Microsoft to be used with my Joplin on PC
but on mobile i have a little confusion, I changed the "Syncronization target" to one drive and expected to get some kind of log in window tu enter my Microsoft credentials but nothing of that sort happened?
am i doing something wrong?

I've made the mistake of clicking the “←” arrow instead of the save button before! Make sure you click “save” — there's no warning that changed settings won't be saved.

Done! wont it still require me to authorize the device for Microsoft use?
because that still did not happened.

I think it comes up when you actually hit "synchronise" for the first time after you saved the setting.

There are some tricks -- you must take care!

Setup for the Win10 Desktop version

  • Assume:
    -- Win10 v1909 build18363.1440
    -- The default browser: Firefox


-- Important: Login your expected One Drive account in Firefox before proceeding to do anything

-> Click top-menu "tools" -> "Options"
-> On the left menu, click "Synchronisation"
-> Select "Synchronisation target" to "One Drive"
-> click "Apply" button -> then "back"
-> on the botton of left menu, click "synchronise"
-> click on the link "" to authorize the One Drive access automatically
-> That's it!
You should see the notes and note books in your mobile device be synchronised to the Joplin Desktop!

Setup for the Joplin Android version

  • Procedures
  1. On top-left hand corner, click the menu button
  2. Click "Configuration" -> look for "Synchronisation"
  3. Set "Synchronisation target" to "OneDrive" -> Go back
  4. On the left-menu, click "synchronizse"
  5. Enter your OneDrive Email, e.g
  6. Then enter the password
  7. That's it!

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