Stylus/Pen support for the app

Developers please add pen, apple pencil, stylus support in the app. So that people who use 2in1 convertibles or iPads or Wacom respectively can make use of it. And do it fast! AND also make is such that we can annotate pdf or image directly into the app via pen/A-pencil/stylus. Adding this feature will make this app truly great!

And Do it fast please! or I will have to switch back cause I cant live with out this feature!

Also make sure that we can have the handwriting/drawing in the same space along with typed text. just like One note. i.e having the handwriting/drawing implemented like a png. file.., U get it do it like One note , not like Ever Note.

I don't think other stuff like hand writing to text is that necessary right now but u can add it later on but for now enabling people to use their digital pen/ pencil will is super Awesome!! :laughing: :grimacing:

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And do it fast!

This is not a friendly way to deal with the developer!
This is more of a commanding tone, or am I missing the irony?


Scribble works perfectly in Joplin the only problem I have is cause scribble is not friendly with markdown and sometimes ll the text gwts hidden in Joplin which forces me to reopen the app which is annoying but it's awesome overall