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I have one question/request for you. I really like Joplin, especially the markdown formatting of texts and the fact that allows for Latex equations. But I am missing one feature for Joplin to become the ultimate tool for me. I need to have a drawing/graphical capabilities on the level of power point, meaning I can do simple sketches directly in it. Is this a plan in the near feature?

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Hi @svobodav,

The plugin Might be of interest to you.


Dear johano,

thank you. I am aware of this plug-in but it is nowhere close to abilities of power point. Thus, it is not yet really useful for me.

Well, to me it seems that the current situation is best summarized as 'plenty of us would like that; not many are willing/able to put time into implementing that for free, so it's not there yet.' I haven't yet heard of any plans to add that functionality directly into Joplin itself, though I might have missed something.

An insert/edit drawing dialog is planned for the mobile app. I expect to start working on it next week!

level of power point, meaning I can do simple sketches directly in it

It probably won't be up to the level of PowerPoint ā€” I was thinking of inking/handwriting support. Of course, I'm open to suggestions!


I think that is of course nice extension. However, my primary concern is what I just said. I am looking for note taking and organizing tool for my science (physics), where Joplin is almost perfect tool (easy formatting of the text, latex equations). The only missing part to the ultimate SW is the drawing capabilities like PowerPoint, which is more then enough for making amazing sketches accompanying my notes. Currently, I have to make them separate in PowerPoint and paste them as figures into Joplin, which makes the whole process more tedious, especially storing the PowerPoint files somehow organized with the notes.

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vscode will not have this problem. Whether it is a mind map, a flowchart or a whiteboard, it has already been integrated by someone. It is so versatile and most of its users are developers, so there will always be people willing to use plugins. implement various functions

I know VScode but I am not aware of its capabilities in the direction Joplin provides, i.e. note organization etc.

In fact, that's what I was about to say, I created a vscode plugin to connect to joplin, using joplin as a note-taking tool while supporting many vscode plugins, including drawing programs, here are some demos

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ref: Joplin-vscode-plugin roadmap - #37 by rxliuli