Drawing support

I am sorry if there is such topic exists, but can it be introduced in some near future? that would be awesome if note taking app would have pencils support.

I saw that the language of the app is mainly JavaScript, but i believe there is some way to introduce that option, was somebody working on that feature already? Maybe at least took a look at the source code?

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Thx for the input would you share some ideas or suggestions on how that could be implemented?

hello and welcome @wtsiamruk
indeed there is a topic where the drawing support is specified by the apple pencil
The main problem that I see is how would you use such a feature?

Hello @nr458h

It is very convenient when i can crop part of the image and put something using pen on it.
For example. I want to crop part of the pdf and make assignment using the pen. :slight_smile:

Not quite sure about the implementation details actually, i haven’t look yet at the application source code, doesn’t fix a bug so cannot tell much about.

Don’t know for the apple devices, nor for the samsung pens.

But for the desktop we seems to have some wacom javascript api:


Also maybe this library would be usefull.

There should be some canvas of course.
So maybe there could be such thing like:

  • select some area of the note, then select “convert to canvas”.

not sure.

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This will be cool for tablets and will be more user frieldly on tablets.

I wonder if it is possible to write letters abd words and to have then be converted to text and to be able to erase text easiky with a stylus?