Apple Pencil Support


first of all, thank you so much for this open source note taking app sync with nextcloud for macOS and iOS.

I am really just missing one feature right now: Support for the Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro. Is there any chance to get that implemented?

Thanks in advance for any information!


+1 for this!

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+1 to this from me as well.

I am curious about your ideas for this feature. What do you expect from a pencil support?
Maybe you can clarify this as - in my opinion - it is not obvious how to provide a pencil support in a markdown application

This feature would require functionality that would be able to use a pen, so i agree here. Joplin has no drawing or art related features built in, so i have no clue how this would help me on my iPhone

It could be implemented in a couple of ways.

  1. Implementation of a blank page which works as a drawing board. Nothing out of the ordinary, but whatever is added there is automatically added to the note as an image file. Even something as this would be awesome.

  2. Link to another approved application which does this. Ability to export from that application to Joplin as an image file.

Granted this is a lot of work, but this is just a suggestion or feature request.

The Apple Pencil works great EXCEPT for the fact that my palm rests on the tray at the bottom of the screen activating the keyboard constantly.

Can we move the tray or make it recognize a palm and not respond? :slight_smile: