Strange Sync error, only one note does not decrypt

Today I deal with some sync issue
Before starting using Joplin in my desk, I sync it because I was working yesterday on one note in my iPhone.
But this note is not updating in my desk showing this error

Attached the bug report
syncReport-1688042898413.csv (186.7 KB)

Although I resolved the issue, duplicating the note in my iPhone and later removing the original note, keeping the second one with the same content, I want to share the problem if it wasn't a random synchronization error. In the case, it was a bug and can be fixed to prevent happening it again.

Unfortunately, it happens again or maybe I did not fix it yesterday. Today there is not any note that shows not decrypted as it shown yesterday, How can I identify which note has this problem using ID # f5586b5c7ff34db7a252c94af7a93352. I have checked the last note updating/creating last day and no ones has this ID? How can I identify the issue?
I have checked the sync report, but I could not find any clue to follow

Can somebody help to fix the problem and better to help to avoid this in the future?

A possibly-related post: Sync Error: Restart and Upgrade Edit: Wrong link! I meant to post Some items cannot be decrypted - #2 by personalizedrefriger

However, because duplicating the note fixed the issue in this case, I don't think the issues are the same.

How can I identify which note has this problem using ID # f5586b5c7ff34db7a252c94af7a93352.

It's possible that a previous version of a note, a notebook, or an image/pdf/other resource (and not a note itself) is failing to decrypt. I think a previous version of a note would be labeled as a "revision" in the decryption error list.

Note that I'm currently working on a pull request that will show more information on the "items with disabled decryption" screen, so hopefully debugging such issues will get easier soon!

First thanks @personalizedrefriger for your assistance.
I am not sure if the note duplication fixed or not yesterday, it seems like as it fixed, because after that the note was not shown a key icon, its label encrypted and the warning disappeared,
But today, when I saw the warning again with the same item number "Revision: f5586b5c7ff34db7a252c94af7a93352" without any note labelled as encrypted,
I got confused and after clicking the “Retry All” link the warning disappeared until a second or fourth synchronization, then the warning came up again.

More information about the issues:
IOs version Joplin 12.11.5
Joplin 2.11.9 (prod, linux)

As I saw within the advance tool

Only one attachment did not download, so I run rxliuli's web base utility to check for a failed resource and unused resources and, all are fine.
Then, I noticed that there is a new Joplin's desktop version, updating it to version 2.11.11 (prod, linux)
It seems that at least after the tenth sync process, the warning does not come back.

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