How to fix "Some items cannot be synchronized" error on Joplin desktop app


I'm using Joplin on three devices: laptop (Ubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS), mobile, and tablet. Syncing across devices is done via Dropbox. All notes/notebooks are encrypted.

Joplin's working fine on my mobile and tablet. But on my laptop, there are six notes (so far) that aren't getting unencrypted/synced - and so I can't open or edit them there. There's also a "Some items cannot be synchronized" notice that keeps showing up at the top.

I've done the following to try and fix it, but nothing's worked so far:

  • Edit/Shorten the affected notes and make duplicates of them, then try to sync
  • Update the Joplin app from 2.8 to 2.11.11 via the installation script. I used the same script when first installing Joplin on Ubuntu 22.04
  • Delete my old user profile and create a new one
  • Delete local data and redownload from sync target

Any info to solve this would be much appreciated, thanks :v:

If you haven't already, try clicking "retry" (after updating to 2.11.11) under the list of items that failed to be decrypted.

When Joplin fails to decrypt an item twice in a row, it stops trying to decrypt it until "retry" is clicked.

Thanks for responding! This + the software update did the trick I think. I can access all notes via laptop now :pray:

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